The current APW Champions are:

APW Heavyweight Championship: Steve Corino

APW Television Championship: Super Crazy

APW Tag Team Championships: The Perfect Unit (Steve Corino and Rocky Maivia)

Active Championship Histories Edit

APW Heavyweight Championship

Wwe title

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious championship in the world. Only the big dogs can hold it. The first ever champion was Randy Orton after he defeated Dean Ambrose in the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.


# Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Days Held: Notes:
1 Michael Modest 1 September 15, 1995 234 Defeated Spike to become the first ever APW Champion at the first APW Knockout show.
2 Steve Corino 1 May 6, 1996 84+ Also won Mass Hysteria Battle Royal trophy.

APW Television Championship

Ic title

The WWE Intercontinental Championship is the 2nd most prestigious title in the world. It belongs to the SmackDown brand. The first ever Intercontinental Champion was Jeff Hardy after he defeated Chris Jericho in the tournament finals.


# Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Days Held: Notes:
1 Steve Corino 1 October 8, 1995 47 Defeated Shane Helms and Steve Rizzono in a triple threat match at New Beginnings.
2 Shane Helms 1 December 1, 1995 80 Defeated Doug Williams, Chris Harris and Lenny Lane in a fatal 4 way at Knockout after Steve Corino was forced to vacate the title due to an injury.
3 Rocky Maivia 1 February 19, 1996 126 Defeated Shane Helms after he won the #1 contendership by winning the Supervision tournament
4 Super Crazy 1 June 24, 1996 35+

APW Tag Team Championships

Tag team titles

The WWE Tag Team Championships are the only tag team division titles in the WWE. The first ever Tag Team Champions were Heath Slater and Curtis Axel after they defeated The Miz and Damien Sandow in the tournament finals.


# Team: Times: Date Won: Days Held: Notes:
1 Hardy Boyz 1 September 15, 1995 58 Defeated Edge & Christian at the first ever APW Knockout show
2 Edge & Christian 1 November 12, 1995 56
3 Hardy Boyz 2 January 7, 1996 102

Striking Force

(Christopher Daniels and Lenny Lane)Edit
1 May 6, 1996 35 The Hardy Boyz lost the titles because Jeff left APW.

The Perfect Unit

(Steve Corino and Rocky Maivia)Edit
1 June 10, 1996 49+

Other Accomplishments Edit

GPWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipEdit

# Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Days Held: Notes:
1 Nikolai Volkoff 1 October 8, 1995 295+                                                                

King of All Pro-Wrestling 1996Edit


Block A Block B
Edge 8 Rocky Maivia 8
Steve Corino 6 Daniels 8
Super Crazy 4 Matt Hardy 4
Lenny Lane 4 Billy Kidman 2
Leo Kruger 2 Shane Helms 2
Michael Modest 0 Spike 0


Block A Edge Corino Crazy Lane Kruger Modest
Edge X Edge Edge Edge Edge
Corino Edge X Corino Corino Corino
Crazy Edge X Lane Crazy Crazy
 Lane Edge Corino Lane X Lane
Kruger Edge Corino Crazy X Kruger
Modest Corino Crazy Lane Kruger X
Block B Rocky Kidman Daniels Spike Hardy Helms
Rocky X Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky
Kidman Rocky X Daniels Hardy Kidman
Daniels Daniels X Daniels Daniels Daniels
Spike Rocky Daniels X Hardy Helms
Hardy Rocky Hardy Daniels Hardy X
Helms Rocky Kidman Daniels Helms X